Some reasons why people buy Long Term Care Insurance:
 To provide dollars to help their family pay for care.
 To protect the emotional and physical well-being of their family.
 To provide more choices and alternatives when care is needed.
 To provide independence for them and their family.
 To provide peace of mind that a plan to pay for care is in place.
 To protect income, retirement plans, and assets.
 To preserve their financial plan for the purposes they intended.

Cost of Care

Brochures & Policies

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Many people want more detailed information about Long Term Care Insurance than what they can find on the Internet. Here you can research everything from general educational guides to sample insurance policies. Click on a picture above to get started.

 What would happen to me, or my spouse, if either of us needed extended health care?

 Who will take care of me?  Who will take care of my spouse?

 What will the cost be?

 Where will the money come from to pay for care?

Important questions to ask yourself during this process: